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FIGHT: Aquinas Chapter

Yeah, it's been awhile...
Monday. 9.4.06 12:00 am

This is Chris, posting a really quick update on what's going on. I know it's been awhile, but hey, it happens.

First meeting for the Aquinas chapter will take place in the auditorium on Thursday during seminar. We will probably start the meeting at 10:15 or so. It's just going to be kind of an introduction to our goals and what we're looking to do this year, along with an assessment of how many people are actually going to go the extra step past being in the facebook group to show up at a real live meeting.

As for the specifics of that meeting, we're kind of winging it. We'll show a clip. We'll talk a little. We'll answer questions, and we'll tell you what we know about this year. Hope to see everyone there, and expect entries to be more frequent in the future.


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Thursday. 7.20.06 2:40 am

Background information [SERIOUSLY condensed version]: The government of Sudan is sponsoring a genocide. Hundreds of thousands are dead. Millions are displaced from their homes. Getting a response from this government is not easy. Policy analysts agree, however, that the quickest way to get the message across to the Sudanese government is through money.

What FIGHT has to do with this: FIGHT is currently trying to gather support for a state of Kansas divestment bill. [This is one of the main reasons the Aquinas chapter of FIGHT even exists.] In other words, stop some critical funds from corporations reaching the operators of the genocide—the Sudanese government. Sounds like a good idea, right? Well, it is. But there's a minor problem.

Without going into too much detail, there is a bill currently in the House of Representative called the Darfur Peace and Accountability Act, which has a section [section 11] protecting divestors from lawsuits from affected companies. That's a good thing. The bad thing is that there is a Senator, Senator Richard Lugar, who is determined to eliminate that section of the bill.

Obviously this explanation is like the Cliff's notes version of the problem without the theme explanations or detailed character descriptions. If you have questions, contact me immediately by any means you know of.

With that said, FIGHT's plan of attack is to make some phone calls. Included are suggested scripts. This will not take much of your time and will be a significant help for our organization's goals. Policy analysts agree that divestment is the best way to make peace soon.

PEACE IS GOOD. So please, pick up your phone.


--Senator Richard Lugar: (202) 224-4814
--State Department, Condoleezza Rice: (202) 647-5291

And if you want to be a HUGE help and have a little extra time...

Check this website for your local Senator's office phone numbers. Give them a call to see if they can pressure Lugar to include Section 11.

Here's the suggested script. Read over it before calling. It's not as long as it looks, I promise.

Every call matters even if you just leave a message. Forward this to anybody you know who fills one of the following requirements:
a) Likes Peace
b) Has a few minutes to make a call or four
c) Might be interested in the cause.

To anyone who follows through on this: I would appreciate it if you would let me know somehow. Thank you.

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Thursday. 7.13.06 1:32 am
This is the inaugural post on what will [hopefully very soon] be FIGHT's initial and hopefully final online forum. Basically this will be a FAQ site for the St. Thomas Aquinas chapter of Fighting Ignorance of Global Humanitarian Threats. The temporary operator of this site is getting things online as soon as possible, and hopes to have this site ready to go well before the school year starts, so that he can transfer leadership of the site to another equally qualified individual. Thanks for your patience. Visit our facebook group on the St. Thomas Aquinas HS network, "FIGHT", for more contact information and a better idea of where to direct questions. Have a nice day.

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